The Argo — Geocache of the Week

by FrankDz
N 34° 59.099′ E 034° 01.223′

‘Jason and the Argonauts’ is one of the most enduring tales out of the Greek Pantheon. Jason, an archetypal hero and favorite of the goddess Athena, commissioned a ship from the master shipbuilder, Argo. On this ship, Jason and his crew survived many grand adventures. 

One of the best known—and least tragic—is Jason’s search for the Golden Fleece, a magical relic once belonging to the god Hermes. Geocachers who travel to Cyprus have the chance to channel Jason’s epic quest while searching for The Argo, a cache hidden in a giant sculpture of Jason’s mythical ship, and our Geocache of the Week. 

Image by kipfo.

This cache is located on the island of Cyprus, a small island in the Eastern Mediterranean. Cyprus has always played an important role in Greek mythology. In addition to having hosted Jason and his Argonauts for some time, it is also reputed to be the birthplace of both Aphrodite and Adonis, as well as the home of Pygmalion.

Sculpted by Belgian artist Thierry Lauwers, the modern Argo that houses our Geocache of the Week is in the Ayia Napa Sculpture Park, a 20,000 m² (215,278 ft²) installation displaying the works of over 20 sculptors. It is the first sculpture park of its kind in Famagusta, and continues the recent revitalization of this area of Cyprus. 

If the ancient legend’s true, Jason sailed the ocean blue. Image by sabe73.

When the sculpture garden was started in 2014, cache owner FrankDz knew he wanted to place a geocache in the park. He worked directly with the sculptor to ensure that there would be a place for his cache in the finished installation. 

Ground Zero. Image by Tbudko. 

The geocache itself is nestled snug somewhere on the Argo, ready to be found by any brave soul willing to venture onboard—just don’t be fazed by the row of Greek gods and goddesses watching your search!

Zeus, Athena, and Dionysus watch over the geocache. Images by mňauky, e1309, and chorknabe.

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