Magna Plătĕa Bruocsellae (Fr-Nl-En) — Geocache of the Week

by Cazpt
Brussels, Belgium
N 50° 50.780 E 004° 21.177

“The Town Hall of Brussels is a jewel; a dazzling fantasy dreamed up by a poet and realized by an architect. And the square around it is a miracle.” This is how famed French writer Victor Hugo described the scenery around the Grand-Place of Brussels.

Image by Lusitana Paixão.

You don’t have to be a celebrated French writer to be dazzled by the beauty of this UNESCO World Heritage Site. However, considering that there is a geocache hidden somewhere around this major tourist attraction, a geocacher’s description of the scenery is more likely to be “Muggles, muggles everywhere!”

With its impressive architecture and history, and its next-level challenge for geocaching stealth, GC4X3EZ Magna Plătĕa Bruocsellae is not only a cache you won’t want to miss, but also our Geocache of the Week. 

Image by snowwwiper.

As cache owner, Cazpt, mentions in the cache description, the actual container is not too difficult to find, but this geocache earns its D3 rating due to the heavy foot traffic at nearly all times of the day. Because of the number of muggles, cachers have to employ all their stealth tactics for this find. For example, you may have to stop and tie your shoes or “accidentally” drop your keys several times while scoping out the cache’s location.

Image by bijoucoeur.

As you wait for the opportune moment to make the find, you can take in the history and charm of the large square and the buildings surrounding it. The carefully preserved buildings include the City Hall, the Maison du Roi (King’s House) which is home to the City Museum, and a number of buildings that were once owned by powerful guilds in Brussels, but are now home to shops and restaurants. Each building has a distinct look showcasing both Baroque and Gothic architectural styles.

At various times around the year the Grand Place hosts major events and spectacles, such as Le Tapis de Fleurs (The Carpet of Flowers). During this event, which happens every two years in mid-August, over 500,000 begonias and dahlias transform the Grand Place into an intricately designed floral carpet.

Image by tigtom.

With all that the Grand Place has to see, it is no surprise that it is one of the most visited destinations in Brussels. For geocachers, the experience of visiting the Grand Place is made even more special, for what awaits them there is not only an exquisite blend of architecture and history, but also the satisfaction of another find.  

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