Hints on geocache hints

Geocaching hints are meant to offer a little extra nudge when searching for the cache. Perhaps the container is hidden somewhere with a lot of muggle traffic so you need to be quick, or maybe it’s the classic nano in the woods. Regardless of the reason, hints should help your search not leave you shrugging your shoulders! 

“Hints” like, “It’s in the obvious place” or “Yes, it’s really there” or “You don’t really need a hint” can lead to a lot of confusion and even a few DNF’s (did not finds). The hint shouldn’t spoil the exact location of the geocache, but it should be a good clue as to where the hide can be found. If you’re a geocache hider, consider a clue that would help someone who’s finding their first geocache get one step closer to the container.

The hint can still be clever and require geocachers to think about their surroundings. If you’re new to geocaching, or even a seasoned pro, sometimes the hint takes a little decoding. Here’s some help:

  • Tie Your Shoe = Bend down and look at a lower level
  • Attractive = Magnetic geocache
  • Troll = Under a bridge
  • SPOR/UPR = Suspicious Pile of Rocks/Unusual Pile of Rocks
  • Handyman Special = Magnetic bolt

What have your favorite hints been? Do you have any tips on creating a hint? Share in the comments below!