6 ways to overcome your geocaching obstacles

Ever find yourself in a geocaching rutt? Have you found all the geocaches in your area? Are you unable to solve that difficult puzzle cache? Have no fear, we’ve compiled six ways to help you get over your geocaching obstacles. 

  1. Plan, plan, plan. Planning the right geocache outing can take time but can take you right out of a geocaching rutt. Plan and create a List (Premium feature) of the best geocaches in your area, make a List of night caches to find, or plan a geocaching streak to increase your stats! Make sure your Lists are available offline so you can go off the grid at any time.
  2. Carry the right TOTT. Don’t underestimate a good tool of the trade. The right tool can make any geocache outing more successful. We’ve all been in a situation where you get to the cache location and can’t make the grab due to a lack of tools. Make sure to read the recent activity or cache details to see what kind of tools you may need and visit Shop Geocaching for all your tool needs.
  3. Go with friends. Going geocaching with friends is a simple way to elevate your geocaching game. More eyes searching typically leads to a more successful trip. Whether you are solving for waypoints, traveling off the grid, or searching for a high difficulty geocache, friends are sure to help. Want to make new geocaching friends? Attend a geocaching event or join a geocaching organization.
  4. Set new geocaching goals. Geocaching goals and stats are a good way to refresh your love for geocaching. Visit your Stats page or visit Project GC to set new goals. Try increasing your difficulty or terrain average, go streaking, complete a 365 Day Challenge, or finish a Jasmer.
  5. Phone a friend. Having difficulty solving those elusive puzzle caches? Reach out to other geocachers to get some extra help. We’ve all heard the saying, “two heads are better than one”. Try reaching out to the cache owner for a hint or bring the puzzle to a geocaching event to work on it together.
  6. Refresh your game board. Have you found all the geocaches in your area? Consider hiding your own geocache to add something to the game. Having other people find your geocache can be just as rewarding as finding others.  

What are your biggest geocaching obstacles and what have you done to overcome them? Share in the comments below!