Introducing the new Lists experience

We’re always striving to make better tools for the geocaching community. Here at HQ, we’ve been hard at work improving the entire Lists experience on Aiming to make Lists not only more useful, but also easier to use and more enjoyable, we have completed an overhaul that we’re excited to share.

Lists are a Premium member feature available in the Geocaching® app and on Whether you’re planning a hike with friends or your dream vacation, Lists help keep your geocaching life organized. Plus, Lists created on the Geocaching® app automatically sync with your Lists on

In this post we’ll share an overview of the changes and when to expect them. For more details, please visit this Forum post.

New List Hub

  • Quickly locate and view your Lists, Favorites, and Ignored Caches by using the navigation on top of the List Hub.
  • Easily select key actions such as Share, Create Pocket Query and Map for each List.
  • View the number of caches that you have found in each List.
  • Create a Pocket Query when viewing another user’s List.
  • Select your default page size (10, 20, 50, 100, 200, or 500 Lists per page). When you make a selection, this will become your default page size when you visit Lists.

New List details

  • The new “Action Bar” allows you to easily select Create Pocket Query, Download GPX, Send to Garmin, Share, Copy, Map, and Delete Lists.
  • Map your List with one click in the Action Bar.
  • Now you can view and sort based on: Favorites, Size, Difficulty, Terrain, Last found, and Placed on.
  • You can also now select geocaches from one List and add them to a new or existing List. 
  • View the number of caches that you have found in each List.

New Favorites

  • Easily find “Favorites” in the navigation control.
  • You can now copy and share your Favorites with the addition of the “Action Bar” and multi-select control.
  • See the total number of Favorites and the Found date in two newly added columns.
  • Premium members: Your total available Favorite points, as well as the number of logs required to receive the next Favorite point is displayed.

To hear more about the new Lists experience, listen to this episode of the Inside HQ podcast.

Frequently Asked Questions:

I don’t see a new List Hub. How do I get it?

We are deploying the updates to Lists over a slow roll out period. This is to ensure a quality release with minimal bugs. You may see the new List experience today or you might not see it until the release is fully rolled out at the end of October.

Where can I share feedback or bugs?

We have an official forum thread that we are monitoring for bugs, feedback, and more. Join the conversation here.

Can I go back to the old List Hub?

Once you have been opted into the new experience you will not be able to go back to the previous version. This allows us to update, improve, and maintain a single Lists experience to make it the best experience for geocachers.

Why did Geocaching HQ develop the new List Hub?

Lists are a facet to all aspects of geocaching. From inspiration to planning an outing, to guiding your next geocaching experience—Lists are a handy way to stay organized. As a Premium member feature, we wanted to improve the Lists experience so geocachers can continue to adventure, explore, and discover their world.

Are you done working on Lists?

The slow roll out period means our work on Lists is not done. Gathering feedback is an important step in any project, and we’ve built in time to quickly respond to bugs reported in the forums.