Featured CITO events that are sure to inspire

Cache in Trash Out® (CITO) Events originated in an attempt to help preserve the natural beauty of cache-friendly spaces. To date there have been 24,342 CITO Events worldwide attended by 466,538 geocachers, volunteering to make a difference in their home zone.

Did you know it’s CITO Season 2? There is still plenty of time for you to make a positive impact to your geocaching playground. You can even earn a souvenir when attending a CITO Event now through Saturday, November 30, 2019. And if that is not enough to inspire you to roll up your sleeves, here are three recent CITO Events we noticed.

You are sure to get your hands (or gloves) dirty when attending or hosting a CITO event – but your reward is a clean conscience. To inspire you to roll up your sleeves, we’re sharing three recent CITO events that stood out.

Clean up meets restoration

Herbst-CITO im Zwergenwald (GC8C75G), Helmbrechts, Germany

Photo by ravestorm

Geocachers in Helmbrechts, Germany teamed up with a local hiking club to collect trash and rebuild hiking trails for their special CITO event. The event even drew in several people who weren’t geocachers or members of the local hiking club – but just good citizens wanting to give back. Joining forces more than 40 helpers cleaned the area, placed new signposts, cut bushes where the trees were overgrown, and (of course with permission of the owner) gave the 20 years old dwarf statue that protects a cave and a geocache some fresh color.

Photo by ravestorm

Saving money when saving fish

Eroded River Bank Restoration CITO (GC8C4D1), Nanaimo, Canada

Photo by wiifly

Eroding river banks may have a negative impact on fish populations and local wildlife. Geocacher wiifly taught volunteers how to prevent a river bank of the Millstone River to collapse and with unique restoration techniques. Geocachers planted trees, put up fences, shoveled a slope, and used a beaver dam to improve the local fish habitat—all in less than two hours. The event even made it into the local news, where it states that thanks to the hard work of the volunteers this project was completed at a fraction of the normal cost repairing the banks. Bravo!

Photo by madill

Trees for Seattle

Celebrate Arbor Day (GC8E4EJ), Seattle, USA

Photo by Miss Jenn

In celebration of Arbor Day geocachers teamed up with Trees for Seattle to plant – you guessed it—trees in the Rainier Valley. This restoration effort also combined classic trash pick up with adding new Garry oaks trees to the area. Other activities were an “Ask an Arborist” booth, a neighborhood Tree Walk, apple cider press, and bird spotting.

Photo by Miss Jenn

If this inspires you to dig in and make a difference in your area, find a CITO event to attend or host your own.