Finding friends at Belgium Mega-Event

Geocaching HQ staff attend dozens of Mega and Giga-Events around the world, shaking hands, sharing stories of adventure, and of course, geocaching. Cindy P (Frau Potter) is Director of Community at Geocaching HQ. She recently traveled to Belgium to attend the Welcome to Belgium Mega-Event. Here’s her trip recap.

There is a common saying among geocachers: “The best finds are other geocachers.” I experienced this first hand at the Welcome to Belgium Mega-Event (GC7TT10) in Rotselaar, Belgium. The event, hosted August 31, 2019 by Birre’s Camper Friends, has grown over the years from a group of geocachers who travel with motorhomes, caravans, and tents. As the group of friends grew bigger and bigger, they decided to host their own Mega-Event. This year, about 100 motorhomes arrived from all over Europe for the event, along with geocachers that participated just for the day.

The Mega-Event organizers thought of everything. The weekend was packed full of activities—newly published creative caches, geo-bingo, evening barbeques, after-dark Adventure Labs, a CITO (Cache In Trash Out®) at a nearby park, workshops to make your own trackable coins, and even a performance of a Belgian geocaching band.

To start off my weekend, the organizers of the event made sure I made some new friends. I was paired with two geocachers who sign logs as Team DNF (Deutsch-Neiderländische Freundschaft). GEOrgCACHING and Geokars met through geocaching but come from Germany and The Netherlands. Their friendship reminds me of so many others that are formed through geocaching. The game breaks down borders between countries and gives us something that we easily share in common—geocaching!

One of my favorite moments caching was when we nearly DNF’ed a cache because we didn’t have the proper equipment. We bicycled to the next cache where I met a woman carrying the proper equipment—a fishing pole. Thankfully she agreed to return with us to the cache and I used a modified fishing pole for the first time as a cacher. It was great fun and I’m grateful for her generosity.

Birre and Birre’s Camper Friends are well known in the community for creative caches. One of my favorites from the weekend was High Voltage, a very cleverly constructed and surprising cache. 

The day after the event, Birre hosted two workshops for geocachers who wanted to make their own creative geocoin. 

I made so many new friends at the Welcome to Belgium event. Many promised to visit for the Geocaching HQ Anniversary Celebration in 2020, so I’m happy to know that we’ll meet again. Thanks to Birre and Birre’s Camper Friends for such a fantastic weekend!