Preikestolen — Geocache of the Week

by andresen64
Rogaland, Norway
N 58° 59.278 E 006° 11.341′

Whether you seek the thrill of living and caching “on the edge” or simply enjoy stunning views while putting another smiley on your map, make sure you save a spot on your geocaching bucket list for our Geocache of the Week. Preikestolen is calling cachers near and far to the south of Norway, where it perches on a vertical cliff towering 1,982 ft (604 m) above the blue waters of the Lysefjord.

Image by g-o-cashers.

Over 10,000 years ago, this stunning granite monument was chiseled by glacial water freezing in the mountain crevices and breaking off giant blocks. All that remained after the meltwater washed away the rubble was an almost right-angled cliffside, and one of Norway’s most famous landmarks.

The name Preikestolen translates to “pulpit” and it would be easy to start preaching about the beauty of geocaching in Norway when standing on the edge of this heavenly plateau. But be careful—there are no railings or fences between you and the cold water two thousand feet below.

Image by pyxis.praha.

Always be aware of the quickly changing weather conditions in the fjords. You never know what Freyr, the Norse god of rain and sunshine, might be up to. So make sure to add some hiking gear to your TOTTs.

The 2.5 mi (3.8 km) hike up to the rectangular top of this rock formation is moderate in difficulty, but two steep and rocky stretches will definitely put your calf muscles to the test. After all, this cache is a solid T4.

Image by k a k a u.

It can get quite busy on the mountain plateau and trail, especially during the summer months. Luckily, our Geocache of the Week will lead you to a part of the area away from all the tourists trying to snap the perfect picture. Here you can wait for a less crowded platform, recover before the hike down, or enjoy the views used as backdrops for various TV shows and movies, including Vikings and Mission: Impossible – Fallout

Protip: If you are sure footed and don’t mind getting up before the birds, it is absolutely worth it to begin your climb to the top of Preikestolen early enough to witness the epic sunrise over the fjords and mountains.

Good luck–or as they say in Norway: “Lykke til!”

Image by Bastja.

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