Never cache alone: Geocaching groups and organizations

Finding someone to go geocaching with can sometimes be difficult, especially when you are just starting out. Luckily there are many geocaching organizations and groups all around the world that connect geocachers to other local explorers. They strengthen the geocaching community, help beginners get into the game, and do so much more. Learn what you can expect and how you can find a geocaching group near you to join.

There are many organized geocaching groups worldwide. Many of them connect with members through Facebook groups or even have their own websites with activity calendars, discussion forums and information.

What can I expect when joining a geocaching org?

Geocaching organizations often host potlucks and meetups, set up friendly geocaching competitions, help new geocachers with questions, and keep everyone informed with local geocaching news.

Some have formed to foster positive relationships with local land management, forest rangers, and environmental agencies. They often work hand in hand to inform geocachers and the public how to interact with nature (aka geocaching spaces) in a respectful and non-invasive manner.

A few orgs even organize camping trips or travel groups to embark on an adventure together – and of course geocache along the way. 

They write geocaching blogs, release geocaching magazines, or allow geocachers to connect through online discussion forums.

The sense of community geocaching organizations offer can be helpful for new geocachers and old pros alike. And they’re an easy way to make new geocaching friends.

How can I find a geocaching group near me?

You can find a geocaching group in your area by visiting this list and map of geocaching groups and organizations. This list of orgs was “vetted” with input from community volunteers and Geocaching HQ staff.

The list is a work in progress. We expect to expand it to other countries and add groups and organizations that are active in their communities and are contributing to geocaching in positive ways. Reach out to us with the group you’d like to see included.

If you are outside of the areas currently covered by our list and map, our regional forums offer a great way to find a local geocaching group or organization.