8 tips to write a great log (according to cache owners)

Writing a great log can take a little extra time but is well worth the effort. It takes dedication, planning, and creativity to hide a geocache. Writing a personal and detailed log is a way to make a cache owner’s day. Here are 8 tips to make a log great according to cache owners.

  1. Don’t leave a generic log: We’ve all seen them, the generic TFTC (Thanks for the cache) log. To a geocache owner, writing a thoughtful log conveys that you had a memorable experience and it wasn’t just another find.
  2. Appreciate the thought and work that went into the geocache: A lot of work goes into hiding a geocache, especially the ones that are extra special. Take the extra time to tell a cache owner what you appreciate about finding the geocache!
  3. Write about the experience to get to the geocache: Sometimes it’s all about the journey. Cache owners have many reasons for choosing a location for a geocache. Tell them about your adventure leading up to the find.
  4. Leave a photo: A photo is worth a thousand words, or so they say. Visually showing part of your experience is fun for a cache owner to see. But don’t make the mistake of posting a spoiler photo that gives away the hide!
  5. Give details about the geocache: Did you spot the geocache right away? Is the geocache in good condition? Is the logbook full? Good or bad, cache owners appreciate knowing the status of their geocaches. 
  6. Share what you left behind. Did you trade any SWAG or move any trackables? Let the cache owner know!
  7. Consider leaving a Favorite point. Did the geocache stand out to you for any reason? If so, consider leaving a Favorite point* and writing about it in the log.
  8. Describe what made the geocache fun to find. Whether the cache leads you to an amazing view, a clever container, or a creative puzzle to solve, leaving a great log can be very validating to the cache owner. Future seekers who read the logs can also get a better idea of whether they would also enjoy the cache.

Leaving thoughtful logs doesn’t just give back to the cache owner, it also inspires them for future hides. What tips do you have for writing a great log?

*Favorite points are a Premium only feature