Mega season is upon us!

Mega & Giga-Events are the ultimate gatherings for lots of geocachers. They offer a variety of fun activities and attract geocachers from all over the world. You can connect with new friends to help power your geocaching exploration. And that’s just the beginning. Here are ten reasons, in no particular order, why you should attend a Mega or Giga-Event!

  1. Discover new friendships. With over 500 people at each event you are sure to make new friends! Don’t forget to add them to your Leaderboard so you can be inspired by their geocaching activity.
  2. Sign the official log book. It’s tradition that most Mega and Giga-Events have unique logbooks! Need proof? Here are some examples.
  3. Trade and discover trackables. Are you a trackable fanatic? You’re in luck. You will have the chance to discover hundreds (if not thousands) of trackables!
  4. Ask questions. With so many geocachers in one place, Mega and Giga-Events are a great place to ask any question you might have. Need help solving a puzzle? Don’t know how to look up night caches? Chances are you will find an experienced geocacher happy to help.
  5. Discover (or rediscover) a new city. There is a high chance that the event will not be in your home town. This is a great opportunity to explore somewhere new!
  6. Log a new geocache type. Did you know Mega and Giga-Events are a unique cache type? Spruce up your stats with a new cache icon!
  7. Compare epic geocaching stories! As geocachers, we have a lot of story worthy moments. Share stories and experiences with fellow cachers!
  8. Find love (it’s happened before). Some people find much more than just cache containers when they’re introduced to geocaching. Check out the story of geocaching co-founder Bryan Roth meeting his wife through a geocaching event.
  9. Get inspired for your next hide. If you are a cache owner or even an aspiring cache owner, you are sure to get some inspiration from the local geocaches or cachers that you meet.
  10. Meet local volunteers. Be sure to talk to your local geocaching volunteers if you have questions or just want to thank them for all of their help!

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