Three reasons to add friends on

Geocaching friends are handy for lots of reasons—they offer a second pair of eyes looking for the cache, they can distract any muggles nearby, or maybe they brought that special tool of the trade! The list goes on! It’s easy to see the benefits of geocaching friends when you’re out in the field, but here are three reasons why friends are great to have on

  1. See what your geocaching friends are up to right from your Dashboard.
    Once you’ve added friends on you can choose to have their geocaching activity shown in the newsfeed on your Dashboard. View their recent finds, logs, and photos.
  2. Stay motivated with your Leaderboard.
    Your Leaderboard shows you and your friends’ geocaching activity. If you log a cache, or attend an event you collect points, displayed at the top of the page. Easily access your Leaderboard from your Dashboard.
  3. Know which friends have found a cache.
    The logbook on a cache details page on allows you to see if your geocaching friends have found that geocache. Click “View Logbook” just above the logs on cache details and easily view all logs, your logs, or your friends’ logs for that cache. Use the Logbook to get an idea of who you can call if you need to phone-a-friend on a tricky cache!

Bonus: Tag your friends in your logs
When logging a cache on the website, hit the @ key and a list of your friends will appear. Choose the friend you wish to tag. Submit your log. The tagged friend(s) will receive an email notification that they’ve been tagged in a log.

Ready to start friending? Here’s how!
Visit your Dashboard and select View friends. Add their username below Add a Friend and select Send Invitation. Once your friend has accepted your friend request, they will be added to your friend list!

What’s your favorite part about having geocaching friends? Share in the comments below!