New country souvenir, Monaco, with Geocache of the Week: Chemin des pecheurs

by poik
N 43° 43.928 E 007° 25.642

Today, we release a new country/regional souvenir for Monaco! If you have found a geocache in Monaco, you automatically receive the souvenir on your profile.

Poised along the stunning Côte d’Azur is the independent microstate of Monaco. As the second smallest but most densely populated country in the world, its size is comparable to New York’s Central Park. The bustling quartier of Monte Carlo, infamous annual Grand Prix, and popular oceanographic museum overlooking the French Riviera make for a coastal geocaching dream. 

It’s no wonder that residents (called Monacoians) live in the only country in the world to reach a Human Development Index above 1.0 (a magnificent score denoting the best quality of life). Happy residents means happy caches, leading us to this Geocache of the Week, Chemin des pecheurs!

Posted coordinates start cachers close to a 19th century prison with the most beautiful views from behind bars.

Image by Kleinzschachwitzer

Translating to ‘the path of the fisherman,’ the seven stages of this Multi-Cache take you on a winding trek, meandering both along and under the cliffs. The walkway includes a tunnel system with fluctuating elevations closer to sea level, revealing the rustic, historical past of the waterfront.

Image by TLF78

The impressive Oceanographic Museum isn’t the only treasure etched into the cliff face. Each virtual stage of the cache draws attention to nautical features, both natural and man-made. Once the required information is gathered, the final container can also be found above the rocky reefs. Sign your username on the log, then bask in the splendor of the endless sea beyond.

Image by naddlypie

We know geocachers love country and regional souvenirs and we do too! We are releasing at least one new country/regional souvenir per month starting in January 2019. These new souvenirs will be featured alongside Geocaches of the Week in each region and shared on the third Wednesday of each month. Check out all of the Geocaching souvenirs here.

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