Three ways to thank a geocache owner

Geocaching is only as good as the geocaches hidden. Owning a geocache is more than hiding a container. It’s discovering a great location, selecting the perfect container, writing a clever description, and caring for the cache through thick and thin.

Finding a great geocache gives a sense of adventure, a moment of discovery, and a connection to the community. These experiences happen because of others so make sure to give thanks to the cache owners behind your geocaching moment! Here are three simple steps to get started:

  1. Write a great log – Cache owners learn about your experience through the geocaches logbook. Be sure to give your heartfelt thanks! This also tells future seekers that the cache is worth the journey.
  2. Give the cache a Favorite point* – You can award Favorite points for geocaches you like most. This is a way to show the cache owner that you really appreciate their geocache. This also makes it easier for others to search for the best caches!
  3. Message them directly – Come across an exceptional cache? Let the cache owner know through Message Center! Feel free to thank them for their efforts and tell them why their cache stood out.

Thank you to all cache hiders for making the game what it is! Have a favorite cache owner? Tell us in the comments below!

*Awarding Favorite Points is a Premium member feature.