More friends means more fun

Muggles. They are all around us. Coexisting without any idea of how their life could change with one simple app. We all know it can take a village to find some of the geocaches out there. Why not increase your find count with the help of your friends! With this four-step program, your muggle friends will be geocachers in no time.

As seasoned geocachers, we plan our vacations around geocaching, we spend too much time looking for tupperware, and we can’t drive anywhere without a detour (or two) to log a cache. This kind of passion might scare off a first time muggle. Here are four simple steps to turn your muggle friends into seasoned geocachers! 

  1. Go to one of your favorite geocaches. This guarantees the “wow” factor and removes the risk of having a discouraging DNF experience.
  2. Combine geocaching with another fun activity. Casually guide your friends on a mind-blowing treasure hunt. Try a hike or bike ride with that has caches along the route, plan to find a cache near a restaurant or park, or even find a GeoTour through a city.  
  3. Start ’em young. Kids take very little convincing especially when promised SWAG (Stuff We All Get)…and their parents will naturally follow along.
  4. Attend a geocaching event! What better way to introduce your friends to geocaching than to show them how awesome other geocachers are. Find an event near you.

    Now that you have all these tips and tricks up your sleeve, round up your muggle friends and go caching! What are your best tips to turning muggles into geocachers?