New country souvenir, Israel, with Geocache of the Week: House of Fun

by shaishoo
N 32° 04.226′ E 034° 46.089′

Tell your friends! Another country/regional souvenir is released: Israel! If you have had the pleasure of finding a cache in this beautiful country, checkout your profile for a shiny brand new souvenir…

Nestled on the eastern side of the Mediterranean Sea, Israel hosts a myriad of things to do for everyone. Foodies and market-goers may lose themselves in Tel Aviv’s Carmel Market, where all of your senses can be tapped into; the sounds of the crowds perusing the soft fabric of the eclectic designer clothing; the mouth-watering aroma of foods and spices that tap into your desires to inspire you to try something new; and the vibrant array of colorful patterns everywhere you look. 

Explorers who find themselves away from the hustle and bustle of the cities have several options. Float in the Dead Sea at the lowest point on earth.Hike through the breathtaking canyons of Ein Avdat National Park, and soak in the natural springs in the Negev Desert, or smell the blossoming anemone flowers in the Shokeda Forest (featured in the souvenir image).  

Lastly, for museum lovers, Israel has the most museums per capita in the entire world. The museums receive millions of visitors annually, and exhibits span from archaeology to local history.

Israel has a little something for everyone, just like our Geocache of the Week located in Tel Aviv: House of Fun.

Outside, on the walls of the House of Fun, is a mosaic of artwork from the community. Taking some time to appreciate the wall might aid you in discovering the geocache on site, an ‘easier said than done’ task considering all of the different art-pieces featured here. Plates, cloth, paintings, ceramic squares, and drawings provide many convincing red herrings.

Your task is to locate the blue and white broken dish somewhere between a representation of a cat and a face. Sounds easy, but there are both a lot of faces and a lot of cats. If you’re feline lucky, get your hands dirty and look around. Once discovered, locating the micro underneath the plate is a piece of cake.

Whether you’re looking for fun in nature, at a market-place, or at the House of Fun, Israel can deliver!

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