Brandweerman Sam / Fireman Sam — Geocache of the Week

by team vos 2014
Noord-Holland, Netherlands
N 52° 15.575′ E 004° 34.251′

Ever find a geocache so hot that it was placed directly next to the fire station? Brandweerman Sam / Fireman Sam is heating up the Netherlands with its blistering 530 Favorite points, putting it high on the heat index for caches to put on your watchlist. Heed the sirens, steer clear of the marked zone on the roads, and grab your fireproof logging pen for this Geocache of the Week!

Image by CCenTT

The Netherlands Fire Service (Brandweer Nederland) is made up of more than 28,000 men and women who serve around the clock in the protection of the community. They are also committed to fire-safety education. Cache owner, team vos 2014, is committed to placing caches in a fun way. This collaboration made it possible to house this large geocache container for all ages to enjoy!

Image by kadr.j

The container hosts a tiny replica of the larger municipal building, complete with a flashing light, sliding garage door, and, of course, a bright, red fire truck! The cache’s namesake is a Dutch children’s show that has been teaching children about fire-safety and emergency services since 1987. In the same way, housing the geocache so close to the fire station allows parents to help their children feel more comfortable around firefighters, should they ever need rescuing from a dangerous situation.

Image by Harley&Friends

Which geocache are you burning to find next?

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