Three insider List hacks experienced geocachers use

The Premium List feature helps you organize your geocaching life, so you can spend more time looking for caches and enjoying time with your loved ones. To help you make the best of Lists, we are sharing three insider hacks we learned from our experienced geocaching friends.

Make every find count.

When traveling or when you’re generally short on time, you want to make sure to find only the best geocaches. Here’s how:

  1. Use the filtered search on
  2. Limit Search to…. your preferred location. You can also limit the search by cache type, if you know you won’t have time to solve a Mystery or complete a Wherigo cache. Also, make sure to select ‘Enabled’ under CACHE STATUS to avoid looking for caches that are disabled by their owner.
  3. Now add a minimum number of Favorite points. Click ‘Search’.
  4. Sort the resulting list by Favorite points and select the first 20 or so caches.
  5. Add those to your List.
  6. If you know you’ll be in a remote location, make sure to open the Geocaching® App* and download the List for offline use. *Lists automatically sync between web and app.

Keep track of your solved Mystery Caches using Lists.

Solving Mystery Caches is difficult enough, so you shouldn’t have to deplete brain power keeping track of them. Thankfully there is a great way to stay on top of solved Mysteries using lists.

  1. Change the coordinates in the Mystery Cache listing once you solved it. You can do this on or the Geocaching® app and it will automatically sync.
  2. Use the filtered web search to find all of them, by selecting Yes under HAS CORRECTED COORDINATES.
  3. Make sure to also chose ‘Not Found’ under Cache Status to only add caches to the list you still have to earn a smiley for.
  4. Add the resulting caches to a list and venture out soon to pick the fruit of your brain’s hard labor.

Find all caches hidden by your favorite cache owner.

If you have geocached for a little while, you will notice that there are geocachers in your area that add just that little bit of extra magic to their geocaches. If you don’t want to miss out on any of their fun cache hides, add them to a List!

  1. Use the filtered web search to find geocaches by your favorite cache owner only.
  2. Add their name under HIDDEN BY.
  3. Make sure to set the CACHE STATUS to Enabled and Not Found and select search.
  4. Add the resulting caches to a List and find them all!

What List tips are we missing? Share them with us in the comments!