Kronborg Slot — Geocache of the Week

by Flodrotten
N 56° 02.280′ E 012° 37.090′

“One cache, much blessed in Favourite points                                                                        in Kronborg where we lay our scene…”

Built in the 1400s by King Eric VII, Kronborg castle is perhaps best known by another name: Elsinore, the haunted castle of Shakespeare’s ill-fated Prince Hamlet. Though Shakespeare himself never visited Elsinore’s real life inspiration (what can we say, we just didn’t have efficient, intercontinental transportation options in the Renaissance!), you certainly canand find a geocache while you’re at it: Kronborg Slot, our Geocache of the Week.

Hamlet may have thought something was rotten in the state of Denmark, but it’s certainly not this geocache.

The cache is just a short train ride north from Copenhagen in the hamlet of Helsingør, the closest distance between Denmark and Sweden. It’s carefully guarded by Kronborg Castle, which is perched on the edge of the Øresund, or sound.

Claudius can fire cannons at Sweden from his window! Image by MaGeo526.

To find the cache, you’ll stroll along the moat of the restored castle—try to avoid any vengeful ghosts that may be lurking around the ramparts, although you may run into some friendly costumed actors!

The play’s the thing, wherein you’ll CACHE the conscience of the King. Image by jo-anne.

The cache itself is a clever hide, and owner Flodrotten has gone out of their way to ensure that it is always maintained and available to be found. Many cachers have thanked them for their excellent attention to the care and keeping of this cache:

“Many thanks to the Flodrotten for the work of putting, maintaining and servicing others with a cache.” -lll2008

“Yes and many thank you to the Flodrotten for the work of putting a cache here and maintaining it. So others can come and find it.” -MJTBC

“We thank Flodrotten for doing tasks and fine caches and for maintaining them so we others can find them” -BusterDK

Geocache, geocache! Wherefore art thou geocache? (…is what you might say if you didn’t know that wherefore means why!) Image by Killuah66.

History and literature aren’t all this cache has to offer. While you’re there, check out some of the intriguing street art installed along the dock.

Ophelia would approve. Image by Hoentjes.

If, like Coriolanus you’re in “hunger for bread, not thirst for revenge,” you can grab a sweet and savory snack to satiate your geocaching hunger pangs.

If geocaching be the food of love, cache on! Images by jo-anne and No-panic.

As Hamlet himself would say:

“To cache, or not to cache…’tis not even a question!”

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