Get fit with GeoFit

Have you ever been beaten to an FTF?
Couldn’t get the ammo can unstuck out of the mud?
Couldn’t untwist a micro?

Become bigger faster and stronger with Geocaching’s GeoFit program. Based on years of research and rigorous testing (probably), our GeoFit program will give you the strength you need for success out in the field.

We target each of these areas with exercises to help train your body for these challenging geocaching situation and many more.

Don’t Quit. Get GeoFit.

FTF Sprints: If you’re not FTF you’re LTF. The pain of losing your FTF to someone else is over. FTF Sprints will pump your legs with cheetah-like speed and spot caches quicker than ever.

What you need: 4-6 caches and log books, 1 pen, 1 stop watch

How to do it: Set up each cache 10 meters from one another. Start 20-30 meters away from the first cache. Run as fast as you can to the first cache, sign the log-book, then go back to the finish line. Take a rest and repeat until all caches have been signed.

Ammo can curls: Time to get buff. Who knows when the next ammo can won’t open for you, or might be stuck in the mud. Curling ammo cans will not only help you in these situations, but it will also give you the strength of an ox.

What you need: Ammo cans, weights/rocks, heave trackables, arm(s)

How to do it: Hold the ammo cans by your waist and slowly bring your forearms up to chin level. You can break up you curls into sets of 10, 15, or 20. To increase the weight of the ammo can, fill it with trackables, SWAG, or rocks to increase the weight. When you find an ammo can make it a goal to curl it a few times before you claim your find.

Low reach lunges: We’ve all been there. Caching all day long but there’s one more cache. You get to GZ you realize it’s a micro–and it is low to the ground. Never feel like a cache is too low again! After a few repetitions you’ll be a low reach champ, no cache will be too low for you.

What you need: A magnetic micro, and a low reaching bench

How: Place the micro at a low point that will cause you to lunge forward on one knee to grab it. Repeat on both legs 10 times. Take a break, and then repeat.

Micro Twists: You find a micro in the woods. You’re so proud. Then, it won’t open! Perhaps it’s rusted shut, or it was twisted on extra tight. Contrary to belief, the micro twist is a motion that requires strength from your entire body.

What you need: A micro or nano cache, glue.

How to do it: Twist and untwist the micro or nano with all of your might 20 times, then repeat. For extra resistance trying gluing your nano shut, or leave it outside for a nice rusty finish.

Cache along a route-long run: You may need to have a fire extinguisher after you master this workout because you’ll be smokin’ fast. Be a front-runner and keep a leg up on your competition with the Cache along a route long run. Soon enough you’ll be running Marathon’s grabbing caches along the way.

What you need: Running shoes, a watch, a map or GPS, a pen

How to do it: Map your run on using the map function, or use the cache-along-a-route feature. Estimate the distance, and set yourself a time goal. Repeat your routes until you’re #GeoFit

Multi-cache circuit: Everyone knows the key to endurance caching is exercising the core of your body. With Multi-Cache circuit you’ll unknowingly walk into 20 stage Multi’s like an experienced pro.

What you need: Just yourself

How to do it: There are many core workouts you can substitute. Forward planks, Push-ups, and crunches can get you started. Do 1 minute of each work out every time you find a stage of the Multi-Cache.


Now that you know how to get GeoFit, what’s stopping you?