Ystradfellte: Porth yr Ogof – Geocache of the Week

by Ezitis (adopted by Moley13)
South Wales
N 51° 48.015′ W 003° 33.352′

You’ve perfected your urban caching and have conquered every local park. You left no stone unturned, no tree unclimbed, and no micro unfound.

Sitting on a bench, staring into the setting sun, you ponder what new geocaching opportunities might be out there. That’s when it hits you, an email notification for a cache you’ve never found. It speaks of a cave of horses and a treasure needing your signature to claim.

Porth yr Ogof, also known as White Horse Cave, is located in Wales, near the southern boundary of the Brecon Beacons National Park. The cave has an impressive 15 entrances (though many of those entrances are only accessible to cave divers). The largest entrance is where the river Afon Mellte submerges into the Porth yr Ogof cave system. At 20 m (65 ft) wide and 3 m (10 ft) high, this is the largest cave entrance in Wales. It’s so impressive that the name of the cave is derived from this entrance: the English translation of  Porth yr Ogof means literally Gateway to the Cave.

Inside the cave, various challenging natural formations await, including The Wormhole (a curving crawl tube on the right wall of the Main Entrance), The Letterbox (a rectangular space in the passage) and The Creek.

If you explore deeper, you will discover a horse-shaped calcite formation on the back wall of White Horse Pool, the reason behind the cave’s alternative name.

The cache itself is located at the entrance of the cave. But be careful, as the track down is well worn, steep, uneven, and slippery. Although getting to ground zero will take some effort, once you’re there, the cache owner left additional instructions in the hint if you are having a hard time finding the container.

So embrace your inner Indiana Jones; put on your hiking boots, grab your torch (vital) and whip (optional), and embark on a spelunking adventure with our Geocache of the Week!

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