Cache Carnival festivities from around the world

From March 25 through April 14, 2019 geocachers around the world celebrated geocaching creativity and diversity with Cache Carnival. During this time geocachers showed their love for quality geocaches by awarding 378K Favorite points, and attending one of 1,223 Creation Celebration events around the world.

Six souvenirs featuring carnival masks could be earned by finding geocaches, preferably with a high number of Favorite points, by earning Favorite points on a cache you own, or by attending a Creation Celebration event. Geocachers worldwide earned a total of 614K souvenirs.

Though these numbers are impressive, they say a picture is worth a thousand words, and with all of the creativity in Cache Carnival, we agree. See the images below for a glimpse of how geocachers celebrated Cache Carnival around the world.

With cache quality on everyone’s mind many pictures of creative caches, and beautiful vistas surfaced under the hashtag #cachecarnival.

Teamwork is required to open this tricky gadget cache in Austria.

Photo by slo_gc_klub

This adorable cache container in Norway gives homage to Rudolph the famous red nosed reindeer.

Photo by Solo_cacher

A breathtaking view makes the track to the geocache worth it—even if the climb up gets you out of breath.

Photo by cachefred

Reduce, reuse, recycle—and create a memorable experience for fellow geocachers. This cache deserves all the Favorite points it receives.

Video by mahlin78_geocaching

To further celebrate creativity and cache quality, Creation Celebration events were held all over the world. Some were workshops, there was storytelling, and people learned new skills like tree climbing or learning to fish for geocaches on dry land.

Even the logbooks at these events in Germany are extra creative. Geocachers learned how to utilize LED lights and machining tools to create geocaches that stand out.

Photo by KleinaGangsta
Photo by AJCL2018

Geocachers in Czech Republic meet to teach and learn how to climb trees safely.

Photo by sad69

Geocachers in France improved their woodworking skills and got to sign a cutting edge logbook.

Photo by Lestonanfamilh
Photo by gypen

At this event in the US, geocachers learned how to create a so called cryptex.

Photo by wendyhue

Even a Dalek couldn’t stay away from this awesome workshop event in the UK. Attendees were invited to create and explore cache ideas during the event.

Photos by GeoJaxx

However the highlight of Cache Carnival anywhere must have been this gorgeous homemade cake.

Photo by SimeyBop

Thank you to everyone who took part of Cache Carnival and positively contributed to the celebration of geocaching around the world!