It takes THREE — Geocache of the Week

by Bouncebounce
Washington, United States
N 47° 31.965′ W 122° 02.179′

Friends are great for laughing, building confidence, and helping to find geocaches. These are the foundations of any true friendship. While we all need a friend to lean on from time to time for a smiley, there are a few caches that require you to bring friends along.

For this geocache, it takes two.

Tucked away behind an archaic gas station in Washington state is a Traditional Cache—an expert collaboration between two prominent hiders: Bouncebounce & Goblindust. Both cache owners are electronically adept and have the geocaching acumen to pull something like this off. If you’ve heard these names before, it is no surprise that electronics and buttons are involved to solve this cache.

As soon as you walk behind the building, you come face to face with a giant cigar sign: your smoking gun that lets you know there’s a geocache nearby. Even if you spot the container, it isn’t enough. It’s up to you to find six buttons scattered throughout the area. They are inconveniently placed too far away to reach for one or two people to “pole” off, therefore teamwork is essential to clinch this smiley.

If your team is in position to press all six buttons at the same time, you’ll be in funny positions and the cache container will magically open to reveal what’s inside. SWAG, trackables, and a ‘sasquatch search agency’ sticker appear,along with the logbook for you and your team to sign.

Bouncebounce and Goblindust put their minds together to create this fun and entertaining geocache which promotes teamwork within the community. Reading through the logs on the cache page is a testament to how engaging and thoughtful this geocache is.

Goblindust’s creative hides were previously highlighted in our blog, so we’re giving a shout out to Bouncebounce about how he comes up with his creative cache concepts. Look out for the interview tomorrow!