How to apply your geocaching skills to the “real world”

Geocaching can teach us a lot about life: always stay curious, determined, and humble (looking at you DNF’s). But there are more ways we can take themes from our favorite hobby and apply them to the “real world.” Here are three ways to take geocaching into your everyday habits.

  1. Improve the outdoors
    CITO (Cache In Trash Out®) helps preserve the natural beauty of cache-friendly spaces. While CITO has expanded far beyond litter removal, the overall theme is improving the outdoors.

    Keep in mind that you don’t have to be geocaching to make an impact! Each small step builds upon the previous step and will add up. Perhaps you can use a reusable coffee cup rather than taking a disposable one or pull a few weeds from the community vegetable garden on your walk. Next time you leave the house, try to identify one action you can take to improve the outdoors.
  2. Exchange a smile

    There’s a brief moment that many geocachers experience but often goes unspoken. It’s the small smile shared between two cachers as they pass each other on the trail. You’ve just re-hidden a cache when you pass another person on their way there. You make eye contact, observe a phone or GPS in their hands, and you can’t help but share a smirk of acknowledgement that you’re both part of a “secret” mission.

    This brightspot does not have to stay limited to geocaching! When passing by others, be the first to smile. Something as small as a smile can make someone else feel seen, acknowledged, and grateful. Plus, smiling can actually make you feel happier too!

  3. Stop, look, and listen
    Do you ever get close to the cache, stop, and look to make sure there are no muggles nearby? This moment of pause can be applied to life outside geocaching too.Unplugging from technology to be mindful of your surroundings helps you discover what you may have otherwise missed: the chirping birds, a flower about to bloom, the sounds of the river nearby. You’ll never regret spending time soaking it all in.

Whether you follow one or all three of these, each is a reminder to be thankful. Just like expressing thanks to cache owners in our logs, being thankful in our everyday lives can spread happiness, after all, that’s what geocaching is all about!

How do you take your geocaching skills and apply them to your life? Share in the comments!