Welcome TB-Hotel Liechtenstein — Geocache of the Week

by Die schwarze Wittwe
Ruggell, Liechtenstein
N 47° 14.579 E 009° 31.297

Some places deserve a second glance. Blink and you might miss Liechtenstein, Europe’s fourth-smallest country. Sandwiched between Austria and Switzerland, visitors can enjoy the same alpine terrain as its mountainous neighbors while enjoying winter sports and 5-star hotels. The most Favorited local hotel, however, is not one you can spend the night in. It’s Welcome TB-Hotel Liechtenstein, our Geocache of the Week!

Image by purple_team

What do all the best hotels have in common? Ample and spacious rooms, a great location with a view, and…a sterling silver clawfoot bathtub? This Traditional Cache includes every feature. Cachers arrive at the posted coordinates and enjoy the scenery with the Appenzell Alps as the backdrop to every photo.

Image by bierlord

The large-sized container is separated into four separate sections so that all hotel ‘visitors’ can enjoy their own private suite. One of these even his includes a miniature silver clawfoot bathtub, perfect for pampering Signal at the end of a long journey.

Image by Headbängers

The cache owner, Die schwarze Wittwe, clearly put their heart and soul into this container. The dioramas are filled with miniatures to create a bath scene and beachscape in the penthouse of the hotel. Containers are included for effortless organization of any trackables and SWAG that wish to extend their stay.

Image by up3m

Whether this journey is another stop along the way, or this cache is in your backyard, this trackable hotel welcomes you to enjoy your stay and everything it has to offer.

Image by Headbängers

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