Maniac cache: ‘QR Challenge’ — Geocache of the Week

by IronManiacGLD
Location: Netherlands
N 51° 57.171′ E 006° 08.580′

“ATTENTION! Front yard cache!” is the first thing you see when checking the listing of

Maniac cache: ‘QR Challenge’ in Loil, Netherlands. But this is no ordinary yard.

Cache owner IronManiacGLD has turned his front yard into an eclectic geocaching paradise full of birdhouses, tubes, padlocks, pulleys, and puzzle boxes. To initiate the Multi-Cache, locate and scan the first QR code. A message appears, “Welcome to Maniac cache: ‘QR Challenge’ (front yard cache) in Loil. This is a really nice search for young and old geocachers to think through and complete! Do you accept the challenge?”

If you accept the challenge, keep reading about this Geocache of the Week!

First things first. This is a 4.5 difficulty Multi-Cache that takes roughly 45 minutes to complete. Before going out to find this cache make sure you have the following:

  1. Smartphone with a cellular data plan
  2. QR-reader app
  3. Creative open mind and insight
  4. Pen or pencil to write the log

There are many QR codes on location that  take you to different birdhouses with padlocks and other puzzles to solve. Critical thought and logic are required for solving each stage. The cache owner warns that each stage is easy to find, but challenging to open. Think of it as an escape room in someone’s front yard with many tasks for you to solve before you find your way out.

“I try to hide every cache in a different way and vary the size of the containers. My best maniac  cache is hidden in my front yard. Because my entire front yard is part of the experience, it is therefore a Multi and not Traditional. Several birdhouses, more than ten padlocks of which one is an RFID lock, challenging (fun) puzzles, different hiding techniques, and our hospitality makes it one of my most popular maniac caches.”

If you’re on location and can’t seem to figure it out, IronManiacGLD invites you to ring the doorbell if he’s home and he’s happy to help. Of the geocachers that made it through this maniac cache, 91% of them awarded a Favorite point.

“What a great cache. From one lock to the other. From one code to another. Step-by-step. But good than the resident was at home. We needed his help a few times. As icing on the cake we also got a nice cup of coffee from him. A big favo deserves. Next week we will come back for more caches of this series. Thank you Mr. Maniac.” – Jhonny-Walker

Interested in seeing more from IronManiacGLD? His cache creations don’t stop here. He is known for is creative approach and secret agent-esque caches hides that trigger your critical thinking skills and imagination. We interviewed him to learn more about where these ideas come from and what drives him to continue being a geocaching maniac in Loil, Netherlands. Look for the article tomorrow!