Creation Celebration Inspiration

Cache Carnival and the Creation Celebration event series are less than two weeks out!

Still thinking about hosting a Creation Celebration? It’s time to dust off your costumes, gather your TOTT (tools of the trade), and get ready to celebrate cache creation and quality!

Check out these tips and tricks for taking your Creation Celebration to the next level.

1. Plan ahead.

The best geocaches are not just thrown together willy-nilly. They take time, love, and careful planning. The same applies for a successful Creation Celebration.

Do you need to make reservations for a venue? Do your guests need to bring their own supplies or gear? Ask yourself: How many people are you expecting and what activities have you planned? A room at your local library may be a great location for a guideline workshop, but may not be suitable to build birdhouse caches with power tools.

Keep in mind that you have to submit your Geocaching Event at least 14 days prior to your Creation Celebration, which means that Saturday, March 30th is the last chance for your online submission. You will also want to submit your Event via this online form as soon as it is published.

2. Collaborate.

Geocaches are a gift to the community. Creation Celebrations are a chance to come together and celebrate the cache owners that took you to that special spot, had you hooked with that amazing puzzle, or stunned you with that crafty gadget cache.

Check the List of official Creation Celebrations near you to see if there is a published Event in your area. If there is already an Event, be a team player! Try reaching out to the event host and offer your help in planning the event. Teamwork makes the dream work!

3. Educate and inspire.

Are you an accomplished cache owner? Do you have a special set of skills that come in handy when caching? This is your chance to share your abilities, passion, and creativity with your local community.

Whether you are an avid climber, have mad crafting skills, or a big puzzle brain, incorporate a class or workshop into your Creation Celebration and show others how you implemented your best creations. Why not build a new gadget cache, develop a new puzzle together, or partner with your local climbing gym to safely teach technical climbing?

Are you intimately familiar with the geocache hiding guidelines? Teach the dos and don’ts of hiding a geocache! Imagine if your guests walked out of your event inspired and educated to hide their own awesome cache. Maybe your Event opened up a whole new style of caching to them. Imagine all of the cool, new geocaches to find!

4. Share epic adventures.

Do you enjoy sharing stories of your latest epic geocaching adventure? Make your Creation Celebration a platform where geocachers share their most memorable moments and favorite caches. Whether it was a big hike, a special milestone, or your first ever find, your story just might inspire a fellow cacher’s next adventure.

We hope that these tips will help you to spread your passion and creativity, inspire a new generation of awesome hiders, honor your favorite cache owners, and (hold nothing back to) make your Event the very best Creation Celebration ever.

A few reminders:

  • Eligible dates: March 25 – April 14
  • Don’t forget to submit your Event to HQ after it has been published by a reviewer. Events that are not approved by HQ will not qualify for a souvenir.
  • You can check to see if your Event or an Event you are attending has been officially approved here.

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