Voss Margarine – Geocache of the Week

by Mystphi (maintained by P!X3L)
Hamburg, Germany
N 53° 35.501′ E 010° 03.297′

Voss Margarine, our Geocache of the Week, is currently the third most Favorited geocache in the world. Since it was hidden in 2008, it has accumulated an astonishing 6,345 Favorite points; 83% of Premium member logs awarded a Favorite point. It is also a prime example of how creative and exciting urban caching can be.

This three-stage Multi-Cache is near one of Hamburg’s historic landmarks, the Voss Margarine factory. Founded in 1910, the company ran into financial troubles in the 1970s and closed in 1978. Most of the factory was demolished in 1984, with the exception of the entrance building, which was added to Hamburg’s protected historical culture monuments in 1981. Today you see an odd mixture of the historical site embedded into a new steel and glass structure, which now hosts an insurance company.

The posted coordinates of the cache bring you to a spot with a great view of the building. As you proceed to the entrance, there’s an information board with location history and everything you need to find stage two. At the entrance to the factory, you discover a cow head that hangs overhead, representing the “artificial cow” which allowed production of a cheaper spread, margarine. The current head is a 300 kg (660 lb) replica; the original is inside the building.

The final stage of the cache is hidden in plain sight but it is protected by an SEP field. Just act like you belong there, walk straight up to the cache, and see if you can figure out how to access the log book.

Sadly, the cache owner, Mystphi, passed away in late 2018. He remains highly regarded in the geocaching community for the creative caches he owned. Community members even collaborated to create a commemorative coin in his honor, so his legacy may live on alongside his beloved urban hides.

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