Santa Fe National Historic Trail GeoTour (GT34)


Giddy-up geocachers, a new journey awaits!

From 1821 to 1880, traders hauled manufactured goods from Missouri all the way to Santa Fe. There they traded these goods for silver coins, pelts, and mules. Known as the Santa Fe Trail, this trek spanned five states and nearly 900 miles (1,400 km) of challenging terrain—the early pioneers sure didn’t have it easy.

You too can walk the Santa Fe Trail—luckily for you, there are now paved roads, National Park Service historical markers, over 1000 Favorite points, and 73 geocaches to discover, and on the Santa Fe National Historic Trail GeoTour!

You’ll crow for joy when you find GC4YXVK, right in the middle of historical Santa Fe! Photo by Love

Your geocaching adventure along this National Historic Trail will show you rich history, a varied and stunning landscape, pristine natural and historical resources, and well preserved historic sites. This beautifully maintained GeoTour is hosted with the help and support of the Santa Fe Trail Association and the National Park Service and celebrates its sixth birthday this year!

Live your wild west fantasies on the Santa Fe Trail GeoTour (GT34) Yee haw! Photo by LitJoe77

The GeoTour takes you through five states (Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, Oklahoma, and New Mexico) of stunning wilderness, as well as urban areas such as Kansas City and, you guessed it, Santa Fe.

“It’s clean and green and pretty, and they went and built a city out of clay.” Photo by ancognito

You can keep track of your smileys on an eye-catching and extensive passport or simply pick the caches that suit your fancy. When you log all of the caches, you earn a collectible souvenir to display proudly on your Geocaching profile.

If you’re tired of “micros in the woods,” this is the GeoTour for you—leave those searches behind and trade them out for some “regulars on the plains,” instead—69 out of 73 of these caches are regular sized!

Git along, little doggie! Photo by CordovaBucks

But don’t just take our word for it:

. . . This has been a remarkable journey. We have seen things and learned things that are beyond fantastic! We have had more ohhhs and ahaas than the 4th of July. Thank you for this experience!” —Smokie Stover

Without this series I doubt many of us would know about the role some of these places played in our country’s history.” —mamajhk

So saddle up your palomino, and move ‘em on out for a GeoTour filled with adventure, discovery, history and, most importantly, some first-rate geocaching.