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Where has geocaching brought you?

Maybe to the tops of mountains or deep underwater. Maybe into the vibrancy of a new city, or on a peaceful stroll through a wooded glen. Maybe you found the most dastardly of puzzle caches, a nerdy themed cache, or simply a cache with the most breathtaking view you’ve ever seen.

Wherever your geocaching journey has led, and whatever amazing caches you’ve found, we want to know!

Click here to nominate your favorite cache for the Geocache of the Week. For the past five years, amazing geocaches from all over the world have been featured as an official “Geocache of the Week” by Geocaching HQ.

Need some tips to select a cache to submit? If the cache has lots of photos and Favorite points, chances are it’s a strong submission. Likewise, if it’s a cache that astounded you with a dazzling view, stumped you with its many strategic waypoints, or puzzled you with its intricate machinations, we want to hear about it.

Plus, did you know there’s an interactive map of every active Geocache of the Week?

These cache owners go above and beyond to keep this game ever-evolving. Find the closest one to you, then nominate the next one!