Haksulandia — Geocache of the Week

by haksu10
Karkku, Finland
N 61° 27.174 E 023° 02.134
Working lights and a place to sit make signing this log a breeze! Image by Gidran.

It is a rare experience to find a geocache that checks multiple boxes off of your geocaching bucket list. For example, have you ever found a geocache that meets the following three criteria?

✔ Has its own electrical supply, complete with charging port for mobile cache logging!

✔ Has a CO who is on-site for maintenance (and maybe share a cup of coffee, if you’re lucky!)

✔ Is large enough that you can sit inside of it, complete with its own chair!

If you seek a geocache with these features, look no further than Haksulandia, our Geocache of the Week!

A typical, Finnish residence or ground zero? Both! Image by pulk

Located just 1 km (0.6 mi) outside the town center near the southeast border in Finland, Karkku is a municipality of Sastamala and the Finnish capital of books. What cachers find when they arrive at the posted coordinates might seem familiar and ordinary at first glance: a typical, Finnish residence with dogs and hedgehogs roaming the yard. Have no fear, you’re in the right place—this cache was placed with permission by the property owner in their own backyard! As soon as you see the Geocaching logo from a distance, the delight will dazzle you like the bright and colorful Aurora Borealis which is visible in Finland over 200 nights a year.

The lean-to cache is the perfect size for man and beast. Image by juppepupu.

Cache owner, haksu10, added the perfect lean-to onto their garage that acts as a cozy container for the logbook. The structure even has its own mailbox that geocachers can use to leave letters for one another!

The space includes shelving for SWAG and TB organization. Image by ruotsla.

Inside the structure, you’ll find the many amenities: a stool to use while comfortably signing the logbook, overhead lighting, and nicely organized boxes for SWAG and trackable trading. The cache page even has temperature indicators for proper cache planning in all seasons since this is an all-year cache. Even if you need to clear snow away to access the cache, the log will always be nice and dry!

Image by mp3crew

What’s on your geocaching bucket list?

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