19 Geocaching New Year’s Resolutions for 2019

The year is now 2019. You probably know that. If not, well, let us be the first to wish you a Happy New Year! And what’s a new year, without a few new goals? We’ve collected 19 New Year’s resolutions for geocachers in 2019. Everyone’s resolution is different, but we bet there’s at least one for you. We hope this list inspires you to push yourself to explore more, see new locations, meet new people, and of course, find more geocaches!

  1. Host or attend a geocaching Event
  2. Create a geocache destined to earn Favorite points
  3. Find at least 365 geocaches
  4. Find 24 geocaches in 24 hours
  5. Solve those puzzle caches that stumped you in 2018
  6. Attend a Mega or Giga-Event
  7. Resolve to log those DNFs…and then to go back and find them!
  8. Visit a new country and find a geocache there
  9. Spend more time geocaching with friends or family
  10. Release a trackable with a big goal
  11. Complete your own geocache icon run
  12. Teach someone new about the game
  13. Reach a caching milestone such as 5,000 finds
  14. Discover a new geocaching location that makes you say “Wow!” each month of the year
  15. Be a First to Find!
  16. Find a D5 or T5 geocache
  17. Better yet, fill your Difficulty and Terrain grid!
  18. Try and complete all 19 of these goals in 2019
  19. Forget about the numbers, and just have fun!

Do you have a 2019 geocaching goal? Put it out there for the world to see – share your geocaching New Year’s resolution below in comments!