Geocaching country souvenir: Cyprus

Cyprus Geocaching country souvenir
Cyprus Geocaching country souvenir

Cyprus is the third largest and most populous island country in the Mediterranean. At 9,251 km² (3,572 mi²) and over 1.1 million inhabitants, the country is full of a vibrant culture with a rich past spanning over 10,000 years. One moment you might be exploring the glorious rocky coastline, the next you may find yourself surrounded by an archaeological site filled with historical intrigue. Here are three facts to pique your interest:

  • Famed for its spectacular beaches, the crystal clear Cypriot waters are designated among the cleanest in the world thanks to the work of the Cyprus Marine Environment Protection Association. The temperature of the open sea ranges from 16° (60° F) during the coolest months and climbs to 27° C (80° F) in August.
  • Cyprus is one of only four European countries that drive on the left side of the road. The other three are the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Malta.
  • With so much magic in the air, it’s little wonder that Aphrodite, Ancient Greek Goddess of Love and Beauty, is famed to have risen from the shores of the island’s west coast.

If you get lost exploring the 1,100+ active caches in Cyprus, here are three to set your sails in the right direction:

Ghost Ship

Traditional | GC4KMPX | by white-star | D1.5 / T1.5

In 2011 the Edro III, a 2,127 metric ton (2,517 US ton) freighter, ran aground in stormy weather in the Sea Caves area of Paphos on the western shores. The ship drifted until it finally ran aground approximately 15 m (49 ft) from the shore with the bow firmly wedged onto a rocky stretch of the beach. It is unknown how, or if, the boat will be removed but, in the meantime, it serves as a unique attraction for tourists, weddings, and geocachers!

Napa View

Traditional | GCZ6MV | by Brandi Sour | D2 / T2.5

Ayia Napa lies near Cape Gkreko National Park at the eastern part of Cyprus. The resort town has 27 beaches, 14 of which have received the Blue Flag award for high environmental, educational, safety and accessibility ratings, more than any other resort in Cyprus. The vantage point near the church of Saint Epiphanios offers sweeping views across the ever-growing town.

Büyük Han

Traditional | GC6H09T | by TheSnowdens  | D1.5 / T1.5

Büyük Han (“Great Inn”) is the largest caravanseri in Cyprus. Built in 1572, come nightfall, weary travellers would head towards the nearest han, or inn. It is located in the capital city of Nicosia, the farthest southeast of all European Union member states’ capitals, and has been continuously inhabited for over 4,500 years. Today, the han is ground zero for a Traditional Cache as well as a thriving arts center, with both upper guest rooms and lower stables occupied by small artists shops.

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