Five Project-GC features you may not know about

Geocaching API partner Project-GC is well known in the community for its advanced tools and personalized statistics. What you may not know is that Project-GC also provides dynamic notifiers so you can stay on top of your geocaching game. Last year, we suggested four reasons to start using Project GC and today, we are sharing five Project-GC features you may not know about.

1. Challenge checkers

With one click, Challenge checkers let you know if you have fulfilled the requirements of the Challenge cache. In most cases, it will also tell you what you are missing in order to complete the mission. Project-GC is the only authorized site to host such checkers after partnering with Geocaching HQ and offers this, and many other features free of charge.

Project-GC also offers even more functionality and advanced features which are included as part of a paid membership. For example, all Challenge checkers will automatically run on your account in the background regularly to see which Challenge caches you have fulfilled and can log. Every time a Challenge cache is plotted on a map at Project-GC you will see small indicators in the corner of the Geocache icon that tell you if the challenge has been fulfilled or not.

2. Events (requires Project-GC subscription)

Receive specific event notifications via email based on the number of Will attends that have been logged to the event with Project-GC’s Event notifier. For example, you can set alerts for any event within a short distance from you, yet only get notified about larger events if they are further away. Besides being able to filter the notifications on number of Will attends and distance from a set of coordinates, you can also filter on the type of event, country, region and county.

3. Favorite points (requires Project-GC subscription)

If you’re a cache owner, subscribing to Project-GC’s Favorite points notifier might be for you. Get alerted if Favorite points on any of your geocaches have been added or removed with a daily digest of activity.

4. Log images and Edited logs (requires Project-GC subscription)

Log image and Edited logs notifiers are two helpful alerts for geocache owners. Subscribe to a daily digest email from Project-GC that will send you the log images that have been uploaded to any of your cache hides, and also a list of any logs within the past several days that have had edits made by the log author.

5. New caches (requires Project-GC subscription)

Always get notified about new geocaches near you! The newest addition to Project-GC’s New Cache notifier is that you can use your smartphone to easily update your current position. Your new cache notifiers will then be based on this new position and your set radius.

From Jasmer challenge grids, FTF top lists, and an array of profile stats, Project-GC offers tools and stats to take your geocaching to the next level. What’s your favorite part of Project-GC?