No strength required, just ingenuity 2 — Geocache of the Week

Mystery Cache
by PZ Dude
Ohio, United States
N 39° 46.645 W 084° 03.946
No strength required, just ingenuity 2 — Geocache of the Week
No strength required, just ingenuity 2 — Geocache of the Week

The cache is located at the top of the Wright State University sign. Seems simple enough, right? Just climb up, grab the cache, and be done with it. But here’s the catch: climbing the structure is not allowed. Plus, judging from the gallery, you may want to bring your friends — lots and lots of friends — for this Geocache of the Week.

Bring your friends for this cache
Bring your friends for this cache

The cache description reads

This is going to be a little different than the kind of cache you’re accustomed to searching for. Completion requires no strength, just a lot of thought and ingenuity. You might also need to bring your bag of geostuff. I placed this cache with my feet firmly planted on the ground. Please do not climb, dig, turn over, poke or prod anything. Don’t bother the lights, it’s not there. You will be searching for a decon container hidden in plain sight.

Cache owner PZ Dude is the proud owner who drives past this location 4-5 times a week, giving him a big smile. But the with great power comes great responsibility, as this cache is at least 40 feet (12 meters) up and according to him, “…a pain the A double snakes to get back up on top of the sign.”

Teamwork makes the dream work
Teamwork makes the dream work

PZ Dude says there are a dozen ways to get this cache back in place: ropes, strings, kites, slingshots, regular tennis balls, weighted tennis balls, dog ball launcher, water balloon cannon, fishing poles, even a lift truck.

Slingshot method
Slingshot method

Although Event Caches cannot be set up for the sole purpose of finding caches, on one Christmas Eve a group of a dozen intrepid geocachers got together and finally logged this smiley. Many others came along for a good chuckle, to offer pointers, and hand out mugs of hot chocolate.

Werqin' it!
Werqin’ it!

Need a spoiler? With blessings from the cache owner, check out this 30-second video hosted by Tom Hanks that actually shows the cache at about the 10-second mark.

This well-known cache was originally owned by Steve of stevensheri (who sadly passed away in 2012) then taken over by Slammer who subsequently moved away from the area. His cache was approved by the Chief of Police and the Head of Grounds Maintenance at Wright State University. A big THANK YOU goes out to them.

In the words of the original cache owner, “Take your time and work it out. When it’s signed and back in place, love it or hate it, you’ll never forget it.”

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