A List to Love

Caching for 14 years, Annie Love (username Love) has enjoyed caching adventures and meeting community members all over the world. She began working at Geocaching HQ in 2007, working at the front desk before there even was a front desk. Nowadays, Annie manages the API and Trackables programs and is known for caching in flip flops whenever the conditions allow!

Travel is one of Annie’s biggest passions which pairs perfectly with geocaching! She’s traveled to over 30 countries and has found some amazing geocaches. Here are her ten most memorable geocaches from around the world.

1 – Ape Cave, Washington, USA

Head underground to do some spelunking through a lava tube in the Pacific Northwest. This was a special one for me as I got to share the experience of walking through the 2.5 mile tube with my dad.

2 – Atlantic Whirlpool, Ireland

This one takes you off the beaten tourist path in Ireland, through a muddy sheep field, over fences and ends at a an incredible viewpoint to watch the crashing waves. I found this geocache in my search for Ireland’s top 10 geocaches and it’s now one of my favorite spots in Ireland.

3 – Asakusa Kaminarimon, Japan

A cleverly hidden urban geocache in a picturesque tourist spot in Tokyo. Caching my way around Japan was a great way to discover a new country.

4 – Welcome to Eildon, Australia

A good test of your fears to put on a harness and climb to a bright blue ammo can cache 15 meters up a tree! I had the help from some amazing local cachers to try my first tree climb and sign my name in the logbook.

5 – Castelo dos Mouros, Portugal

A walk up through the magical Sintra hillside to a Moorish castle from the 9th century. I felt like I stepped into a fairy tale while adventuring to this cache.

6 – Cumil :: Man at Work, Slovakia

A fun urban cache at a very busy tourist spot in Bratislava – the trick is not being spotted by muggles when you find this one! My caching friends I found the best way to put this one back was to have someone lean down next to the sculpture and pose for a picture.

7 – Emerald Lakes (Central Plateau), New Zealand

Step into Lord of the Rings on a hike that leads you up the side of Mt. Doom and takes you past the brilliantly colored Emerald Lakes. This is not a hike for solitude, but I can assure you the stunning views on a clear day are worth it.

8 – Na’ili’ili-haele WaterFalls Cache, Hawaii, USA

An ultimate caching adventure in paradise – scramble over rocks, climb up waterfalls and swim your way toward ground zero of this geocache! I loved the adventure to this cache so much that I recently made the trek a second time and picked up a new EarthCache smiley on the way!

9 – First Hütte, Switzerland

Make friends with local cows amid stunning views of the Swiss Alps. I’ve done this hike twice and I’d definitely do it again as it’s one of the most amazing hikes I’ve been on.

10 – Huterlaner, Austria

A roped in klettersteig adventure up the side of a mountain in Austria. Two friends from Germany helped me challenge my fears to grab this T5 geocache.

Feeling inspired by Annie’s travels? We made a List with these ten geocaches so you can start your ultimate geocaching list off on the right foot! Premium members can copy this List to their own Listhub and continue to add to it.

What are some of the most memorable places geocaching has taken you? Share your memories in the comments below!