Lake Gunn Fishermans Rest (Milford Rd, Fiordland) – Geocache of the Week

Traditional Cache
by kiwitonita
South Island, New Zealand
S 44° 53.521′ E 168° 04.754′

The lush, green moss dangling from the trees drape over the hiking trail on the way to a quaint hidden resting spot with a geocache. This ancient, red beech forest has an array of bird species, hiking paths, and glimpses of the eye-popping fjords between the trees. This Geocache of the Week serves as another dazzling example of the locations where geocaching can unexpectedly take you.

In the heart of New Zealand’s Fiordland National Park, the Lake Gunn Nature Walk is a whimsical, winding trail through an ancient growth forest. Reminiscent of a fairy tale, the nature walk fully immerses you in a landscape you thought you could only imagine. Parts of the trail were used by fishermen before it became a protected area. Great fishermen have the ability to find secret fishing spots, and this cache leads you to a spot known only to a few.

For this cache, part of the battle is finding the right smaller path among the green foliage. Choosing the right path brings you to ground zero, but the hardest part is deciding whether to take in the view or to search for cache. Nearby are a few trees that extend above the ground and one of them holds the cache container.

The scenic views of high cliffs jutting from the water’s surface are only unique to a few places in the world. If you’re angling for geocaches and happen to be nearby these fjords, make sure Lake Gunn Fishermans Rest is one of them.


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