Mitten im Pott – Geocache of the Week

Virtual Cache
by Ally Pirelli
Duisburg, Germany
N 51° 28.820′ E 006° 46.808′

Virtual Caches are a great way for geocachers to visit special locations worthy of discovery but unable to host a physical geocache. Mitten im Pott is located in the Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord, Germany. It is part of a region called the Ruhrgebiet, which is colloquially also known as Ruhrpott. This Geocache of the Week combines geocaching with learning about the history of this fascinating location.

The park is located at a coal and steel production plant that was abandoned in 1985. It is an anchor point of the European Route of Industrial Heritage, a network of the most important industrial heritage sites in Europe.

To log the cache you must climb to the top one of the blast furnaces, answer a question, then take a picture of yourself or a personal item. Visitors are encouraged to take their time and take in the view as you can see for miles and miles on a clear day.

The preserved industrial structures connect through a combination of gardens, terraces, and landmarks creating an interesting environment where people can learn about the rich industrial history of the area.

The park is a hub for all sorts of activities. Recreational divers, as well as police and firefighters, use a decommissioned gasometer filled with water. A blast furnace is now a parkour course, and part of one of the ore bunkers was transformed into an alpine climbing garden with over 400 routes, some of them of the highest difficulty. The park is also used for musical performances, theater festivals and as an open-air cinema.

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