The Revenge Of Team Psycho #1 – Treasure Island – Geocache of the Week

Traditional Cache
by lpyankeefan
Maryland, United States
N 52° 28.379′ E 007° 33.964′

Call the crew! You need to assemble your best geocaching team to capture the daunting terrain 5 cache at ‘Treasure Island.’ In the middle of the meandering Potomac River between Sharpsburg, Maryland, and Shepherdstown, West Virginia, sits three weathered stone pillars of what appears to be remnants of an old bridge. Life has found its way on top of the eroding pillars. Tree roots grapple the sides, clenching onto its weathered base, and provide holds to stabilize those who climb to the cache.  

With words like “revenge,” “psycho,” and “treasure” in the title, how could this not be an exciting cache? A collaborative effort by lpyankeefan and Fergus was needed to come up with the idea and place this cache they say “…has been designed only for the most daring and wild geocachers who thoroughly enjoy risking their lives and limbs—and sanity—in pursuit of their sport. Scraped skin, torn clothes, and broken bones are all possible if this cache is attempted without proper safety precautions.”

Before attempting this cache, be sure to gather all the necessary climbing equipment: harness, carabiners, slings, daisy chain, helmet, and etrier are all recommended. Due to the technical nature of the climb, doing this cache with a partner or friend is required. Oh, and there’s one more factor—it’s in the middle of a river! Kayaking to the pillar is recommended to conserve energy and to carry the equipment needed to get to the top.

After you paddle to the pillar, anchor your top ropes, and slip into your harnesses it’s time to ascend to the top. The treasure you seek on ‘Treasure Island’ is a large ammo can safely anchored at the top of the pillar. Cache logs warn, however, the climb up isn’t as easy as the climb down. Satisfaction settles in pretty quickly once the kayaks are pulled to shore, equipment is put away, and the view of the pillar is from safe and stable ground.

What special equipment or tools have you used to find a geocache?

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