Lost – DHARMA Initiative — Geocache of the Week

Letterbox Hybrid
by mitak
Jihomoravský kraj, Czechia
N 49° 11.583′ E 016° 33.805′

Lost may be an ironic name for a geocache, but not when you consider the popular TV show. In case you don’t know about the show, here’s a quick summary: the series took place on a mysterious, deserted, jungle island with secrets continuously uncovered by the cast as the plot progressed. One of the most groundbreaking discoveries was the DHARMA Initiative, and it could be a one for you too if you find the geocache.


The Difficulty and Terrain on Lost – DHARMA Initiative are intimidating, set at 4.5 of 5. It is a  clever and laborious 7-stage Letterbox Hybrid that was “uncovered” near Brno, Czechia by Cache Owner mitak. Climb into secret hatches, explore the underground tunnels, and hike through a wilderness forest to get to each DHARMA station (Swan, Pearl, Flame, Arrow, Hydra, and Staff).

The first step is to read the message on the cache page to prepare for your journey, the 

second step is to download the ZIP file which contains a secret website URL with instructions from DHARMA. Only once you’re at the location can you find the missing piece to the next web URL and move on to the next stage. At each site, there are different puzzles that lead you through each step of the journey. At the final, the Letterbox contains a journal, some SWAG, likely trackables, and one DHARMA stamp, which is a symbol of pride for completing this cache.

Whether you’re a fan of multi-stage geocaches or the TV show, this cache is a hidden treasure to add to your bucket list. If you’re planning a trip, the cache owner heeds caution not to do this mission alone, and you’ll want to prepare accordingly ahead of time. Cache experiences like this are always nice to share with friends or family anyways.

Does this sound like a mission you want to sign up for?

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