Johnny Island’s Throne Room — Geocache of the Week

by goblindust
Washington, United States
N 46° 43.411′ W 122° 57.110′

Every now and then you come across a geocache that is so amazing that you have to sit down. You hear that it’s great but it still exceeds your expectations. Johnny Island’s Throne Room offers a surprise when you enter his room. But before you get inside you may question its mundane outer shell.

Portable bathrooms don’t typically provide a magical experience quite like this one does—it has anything but stinky reviews. Of the 817 geocachers who have found the cache 68% have awarded it a Favorite point. Not too bad for a geocache not near any major city or monument. So, what makes this cache so special?

It starts with step number one, entering the cache. You need to bring a card with a magnetic strip to unlock the door then push the yellow knob to open it. Once inside there are a few things you may notice such as a special flusher, seat belt, TV, keypad, and panic button—it’s pretty high tech in there.

After following the prompts to unlock the toilet seat, sign the logbook lies found in the “chamber” awaiting your signature. Goblindust is a well known for his gadget caches, his attention to detail, and comic relief are a great combination as seen in this cache. In tandem with this Geocache of the Week we interviewed goblindust for tips and how he finds inspiration for his hides. Look for the article tomorrow.


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