Two Oceans — Geocache of the Week

by vels
N 57° 44.696′ E 010° 39.228′

Another year has gone by, and our planet has done another rotation around the sun. Thus it’s only fitting that the final Geocache of the Week of 2017 is an EarthCache where two things come together.

The Skagerrak and Kattegat seas collide in epic fashion at Grenen Beach in Northern Denmark, near the town of Skagen. Splashing waves from both directions create dangerous undercurrents. Although swimming is prohibited, you can safely put your feet in both seas at once from sandbanks where the two seas meet.

To log this EarthCache, head to the tip of the sandbank and give your theory on why sand is deposited where the two seas meet. If you want to do a little extra, take a picture of your GPS or mobile device near the bank, or take a picture with your feet in both bodies of water. The 810 Favorite points and 3,400 total logs on Two Oceans make it one the most popular caches in Denmark — but you should ‘sea’ it for yourself.

Will you get your feet wet for this EarthCache?

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