Mission 9 is alive!

On August 17, 2017, Moun10Bike, owner of the long-archived Mission 9: Tunnel of Light APE cache, registered an Owner Maintenance log on the cache page:

“The enemy agents thought they had us defeated, but we have persevered. T minus thirty-six hours.”

Hundreds of geocachers from around the world converged on the Seattle area over those 36 hours to join the APE cache’s reintroduction party. Rescued from archival last year by a band of local cachers, Mission 9 was reactivated at the 8th annual Going Ape 2017 Mega-Event on August 19. It is now one of just two active APE caches, along with Brazil’s Mission 4: Southern Bowl.

Geocachers advance through the Snoqualmie Tunnel en route to the APE cache.

Idyllic Pacific Northwest weather greeted cachers who made the trek to Mission 9 on its first day of reactivity. More than 700 Geocaching members have posted Attended logs for Going Ape, and it’s safe to say most of them made the six-mile roundtrip to see the APE cache. A festive atmosphere was created as visitors journeyed through the dark 2.3-mile Snoqualmie Tunnel (a slightly spooky 100-year old railroad tunnel) on their way to and from the APE cache. Thanks to the Washington State Geocaching Association for hosting a wonderful event!

Mission 9: Tunnel of Light

For Geocaching HQ staffers, it was especially enjoyable to meet so many Going Ape attendees who stopped by HQ before or after the event. If you plan to visit the area to attempt Mission 9: Tunnel of Light, we hope you’ll come by and see us at HQ!

Geocachers gather at Mission 9: Tunnel of Light.
Geocaching HQ staffer LukeK signs the Going Ape Mega-Event log.