You earned a free tracking code, now what?

You can travel nearly anywhere in the world and maybe even to space—without ever leaving your neighborhood: Just release a geocaching trackable and watch it move!

A trackable is a geocaching game piece that travels from geocache to geocache. By sending a trackable off on a mission, you can see the world through other geocachers’ logs and photos!

You can buy trackables and Geocoins with engraved tracking codes at Shop Geocaching and international retailers. But you’re probably wondering what to do with a single tracking code that isn’t attached to an object yet?

Just like a normal trackable, you want to activate the code and give your trackable a mission.

Next, attach your tracking code to any object of your choosing. You can engrave it, write it in permanent marker, or add a laminated piece of paper.

Make sure to include “Trackable at” on your homemade trackable so that other geocachers know it’s meant to travel from geocache to geocache.

Need some inspiration for your own trackable code? We’ve seen trackable pets, cars, stuffed animals, cakes, and even a drum set. Over 650 geocachers have even taken their love of trackables to a whole other, more permanent level – trackable tattoos!

Take a look at these trackables for some ideas!

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