Be the First to Find DNF’s in the Geocaching® app

The latest update includes more improvements to core functionality to the Geocaching® app and a few cool additions too…

First up, we’ve added DNF’s to the map! As a new feature to the Geocaching® app, we’re excited to see the caches we missed, so we can get back out there turn those frowns upside down. Once you find a cache you previously DNF’d, the yellow smiley will replace the DNF icon. DNF’s (Did Not Finds) will now have a separate icon making them easy to see on both the map and in Lists.

DNF’s are not always fun to log, but we like to use them as motivation to try again! Plus, they’re helpful to both the community and cache owner. Oftentimes it’s the journey to ground zero that’s the adventure, so log your DNF’s with pride. Add a comment below and share your best DNF story with other geocachers!

Next, we want you to know that we’ve been listening. After all, geocaching exists because of you, our community! That’s why we’re pleased to announce that you can now view Attributes in the app. A feature that many of you have been requesting!

The cache details page will display up to 5 Attributes with the ability to view more on a separate screen. Additionally, when saving cache info for offline use, Attributes will be included.

If you’re just joining the geocaching adventure, Attributes communicate what to expect at a cache location. For example, if a geocache requires tree climbing, you’ll see the tree icon.  Attributes denote permissions, equipment required, hazards, terrain conditions, and more. Attributes are great for planning cache outings so that you can be prepared to earn that smiley!

As with all of our releases, we also make other small improvements and fix bugs. The 5.4 update includes an improved process for saving offline lists, easy access to the Help Center from the app, and more. Head to the Geocaching Forums to read about these updates.

We’d love to hear what you’re most excited about from the 5.4 release. Tell us in the comments below!