Thank a community volunteer today!

If you’ve been geocaching for a while, you know the game couldn’t exist without the energy and dedication of a bunch of passionate community volunteers.

To begin, there are the 400+ reviewers, translators, and moderators who keep the game in motion and make it accessible to communities all over the world!

Additionally, there are those who join Mega-Event planning committees, those who rent out entire movie theaters to throw glamorous GIFF events, and those who claim “Cache In, Trash Out” as a life philosophy and organize CITO events month after month.

Good fun for everyone
Good fun for everyone

So many geocachers are giving back to the game every day. Please help us recognize them today, May 22, as we mark the first annual Thank A Volunteer Day! Here are five ways to participate:

  1. Send a note to your local reviewer to let them know you appreciate them.
  2. Contact your regional geocaching organization to thank them for their work.
  3. Get in touch with that cacher who’s a regular CITO host to say “thanks!”.
  4. If you live in a non-English speaking country, post a note thanking the volunteer translators on your local geocaching organization’s Facebook page.
  5. Visit the Geocaching Forums and give a shout out to the forum moderators.

Here’s an overview of the different types of Community Volunteers:

Reviewers work with cache owners to make sure every geocache published follows geocaching and local guidelines. Each geocache you find or hide has the digital fingerprints of a community volunteer on it.

Translators make geocaching accessible to people all over the world, by translating the website, apps, and other materials into their local languages. If you’re reading this in another language, that’s because of a community volunteer translator (thank you!).

Moderators keep a pulse on the Geocaching Forums, making sure the conversations are helpful, positive, and on-topic.

How have volunteers elevated your geocaching experience? Post in the comments below!