Make friends with the updated Profile and Dashboard

If you follow our newsletter and blog, you know we talk a lot about the geocaching community. There’s a reason for that. We’re different than other games. There is no game without the geocaching community.

To build a foundation to better support geocaching friendships on, we have updated your Profile and Dashboard (aka: the /my page). This allowed us to add a newsfeed to your Dashboard, that keeps you informed about what your friends are up to.

We want to share with you, why we dedicated time to work on this feature.

When we go to geocaching events or welcome visitors at Geocaching HQ, it is clear how important friendships are for geocachers all over the world. After taking a closer look at how we support these friendships on, it quickly becomes apparent that we do not make it easy for geocachers to connect and share adventures with their geo-buddies.

Yes, we have a “friends” feature. But friends are hard to find, add, and once you add them, you’re left thinking “now what?”. Knowing the importance of friendship to the game, we want to make it easier for the geocaching community to connect.

But like any good friendship, there needs to be a solid foundation of support. Before adding new functionality to enhance geocaching friendships, we had to build that foundation by updating your Profile and Dashboard (aka: the /my page)Once we finalized that step, we were able to add new functionality.

You can now see what your geocaching friends are up to in the newsfeed of your Dashboard.

The updated Profile and Dashboard are now available for you to play with. You can opt in while we’re tweaking the new page and working to make frequent edits based on your feedback. Or you can stick with the existing Profile and Dashboard for now.

We are committed to working hard to make your Dashboard, Profile, and the friends functionality more useful for you and your geocaching friends. Coming up, we plan to add more friend activity and highlight information about events near you.

If you want to learn about the details behind the decision to update the Profile and Dashboard, see our Frequently asked questions here.