Dönerstag celebrations from around the world

Last week, nearly 40,000 geocachers around the world gathered to celebrate the unique geocaching holiday of Dönerstag. Events included feasts of döner kebab, cooking sausages over an open fire, a Signal the Frog® appearance, and of course, earning the Dönerstag souvenir!

Many of you, nearly 900,000 in fact, also earned the new Germany country souvenir!

We’ve rounded up Dönerstag photos from the tiny state of Rhode Island in the United States to the coast of Sweden, Dönerstag’s birthplace of Germany, and many places in between to show how Dönerstag is celebrated across the globe.

Here are some of the wonderful things that happened around the world during this celebration!

(Image by Kristen Silva) “Geocachers near Providence, Rhode Island met at a local German restaurant to celebrate!”
(Image by Beth Katz) “Dönerstag Lunch in Millersville 2017. We had about 50 people attend in Millersville Freedom Memorial Park, Millersville, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, USA.”
(Image by TrickyMD) Signal in Germany celebrating Dönerstag!
(Image by TrickyMD) Signal in Germany celebrating Dönerstag!

(Image by herr_mattsson) “Geocaching event on Sturkö at Uttorps Böte [Sweden]”

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