Germany’s Highest Letterbox — Geocache of the Week

by hubersports
Bavaria, Germany
N 47° 20.885 E 010° 12.946

A geocache that has the words “oldest”, “highest”, or “largest” in its title is bound to be interesting. Because—let’s face it—geocachers are drawn to extremes like a magnet is drawn to the underside of a park bench. But isn’t it especially great when the cache that’s the something-est is also just a really cool cache in itself?

That’s exactly what makes GC6F6C8 Geocache of the Week.

Yes, it’s the Höchste Letterbox Deutschlands (highest letterbox in Germany). It also has a remarkably beautiful view, is large enough to carry trackables, and greets you when you open it.

Geocachers 123MAINE in front of GC6F6C8
Geocachers 123MAINE in front of GC6F6C8

That’s right. When GC6F6C8  is opened or closed, the pastoral sound of a cowbell rings out. (You know, in case you’d missed the flowering meadows, towering white-capped peaks, and swinging cable-car next door and didn’t realize you were in the Bavarian Alps.)

The mailbox-like metal container is safely secured—it can only be opened with a key hidden in a nearby hide-a-key box—and for good reason. The cache is plainly visible and clearly labelled, making stealthiness a bit irrelevant.

Did we mention the cache is at a cable car station on the top of a very beautiful mountain?






Thanks to hubersports for placing and maintaining this bucket-list geocache!

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