Trollhaugen — Geocache of the Week

Traditional Cache
by roadboss123
Washington, United States
N 48° 14.554 W 122° 14.797

Have you ever had the feeling while out in the woods caching that someone was watching you? Maybe someone was!

The text at the top of the “Trollhaugen” cache page is a warning to some, a siren call of adventure to others.

To find this cache, park your car along old Highway 99, not too far north of Seattle. Get out, and as quickly as humanly possible follow the GPS into a very green, seemingly empty stretch of forest. There you will make the same surprising discovery which the owner of this geocache once made: the Trollhaugen House.


Inside Trollhaugen you’ll find at least one big-nosed surprise… but this is no place for spoilers!

The Cache Owner, roadboss123, came up with the idea for the cache after finding a cache with a similar setup in Ohio — though the woody location for Trollhaugen was roadboss123’s own adaptation.

“There’s not a lot of maintenance involved in the cache for the most part, everybody’s been good about keeping it as they found it the only problem seems to be not logging coins but that’s a problem for all of Geocaching.”


With 273 favorite points, this cache is one of the most highly-favorited in the area, and it’s definitely worth a visit… even if you’re a little bit afraid of trolls.

Creative caches like this one are a joy to find. The Cache Owner knows this firsthand: “All of my favorites are ones that took me somewhere I’ve never been or to something that I never expected.”

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